Use Cases

Improving the care provider and patient experience

Improving Quality of Care

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are here to stay, but do they result in better clinical outcomes and improved quality of care for patients? A recent survey conducted by Stanford Medicine and The Harris Poll found that nearly two-thirds of physicians believe EMRs have indeed improved overall patient care. But the survey results also uncovered signs of physician concerns.

Mitigating Physician Burnout

EMRs are abusing doctors and are the primary cause of physician burnout. The pressure on physicians to pack more patient appointments into a hectic day and then complete paperwork long into the night is resulting in high levels of burnout. In addition to the demands of excess data entry, the layout and ergonomics of the exam room also play a part in physician burnout.

Promoting Nursing Wellness

As nurses take on more of the responsibilities of physicians, they also become more susceptible to the same perils as doctors – in particular the dangers of burnout. A survey from RNnetwork revealed that half of the responding nurses have considered leaving the profession. One of the key causes of burnout in doctors is also affecting nurses – the stress of dealing with EMRs/EHRs.

The StableRise

StableRise® has been installed in medical centers across the U.S. and allows doctors and nurses to maintain the critical personal connection with patients during an exam. Doctors, nurses, and patients work best together when they communicate, engage in focused conversation, and grow the trust that is critical to enhanced quality of care.


Sixty-two percent of the time doctors are supposed to be spending with the patient is actually spent focused on the EMR


Nearly half of the respondents believed EMRs had a negative effect on the physician/patient relationship


Ninety-two percent of nurses are currently dissatisfied with their hospital’s EHR

Nurses suffer more than 35,000 injuries involving hands, back, shoulders, and feet annually

StableRise Pull-and-Swivel EMR