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Pull-and-Swivel Specifications Manual

Cart Specifications Manual

Wal Mount Specifications Manual

Single Monitor Arm Specifications

Dual Monitor Arm Specifications

Heavy Duty Single Monitor Arm Specifications

Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arm Specifications

StableRise Operations & Troubleshooting Guide

Pull-and-Swivel Monitor Manual

Wire Management Guide

Cart Installation Guide

StableRise Copper-infused tops

StableRise Copper-Infused Tops Sellsheet

Silversan coated tops

StableRise Silversan Tops Sell Sheet

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Assembly &
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Installation / Quick Mount Overview

Installation of the Pull & Swivel/Monitor Arm

Answers to Your Questions

Does the StableRise come in different colors?

Yes, in orders over 100.

Do the tops come in different colors?

Yes in orders over 50.

What are my color choices?

Cream color is in stock. We’ve done custom paint colors for the base for orders over 100. The tops are either powder-coated medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or laminate with PVC edge. We recommend the more durable painted MDF. You can choose “virtually” any paint color you want as long as you give us the paint number. If you want to match other interior finishes and therefore want to use a specific laminate and PVC, just let us know and we’ll have it quoted.

Can you lock the handset?

Yes, hold in the M button for 1 seconds to lock, do the same to unlock.

What size thin client can fit behind shroud.

Up to an 8” thin client.

Does the StableRise need to be mounted on blocking?

No, we send 4 toggles to mount the unit. Each toggle holds up to 280lbs.

What is the weight capacity?

For the wall-mounted Pull & Swivel Model: 175 pounds above the column; 25 lbs on the worksurface when fully extended in pull & swivel away from the wall.

For the Wall-mount StableRise with fixed surface, 175 lbs. as long as the weight is placed above the column.

For the StableRise cart, 175 lbs.