The History of the StableRise

From custom solution for one to custom solution for all

From Concept to Reality

The StableRise was developed by a leading manufacturer of innovative workplace ergonomic solutions at the request of Dartmouth Hitchcock, a top medical facility in New Hampshire. The medical facility wanted electronic medical records (EMR) workstations for their new Medical Office Building.

The Medical Office Building consisted of 192 exam rooms which were to use a wall-track EMR system that had been a very popular, standard product at the time.

However, 26 of the exam rooms required an EMR workstation that would fit underneath a window and required a custom solution.

The company was able to develop a product that met with such overwhelming approval by the hospital’s stakeholders that they decided to incorporate the product into all 192 exam rooms.

StableRise Goes “On the Road”

The new product was taken “on the road” to show additional local clients and dealers. Sales were good but suggestions for improvement were also provided and we responded with improvements for our clients.

2013 – Rather than mounting the unit on the floor, could we build a shorter column that would mount off the floor so you could clean under it.

2014 – Antimicrobial tops introduced.

2014 – Using the shortened column design, the LifeDesk® Leg Accessory was introduced to transform any fixed height desk into a sit stand workstation simply by replacing the existing legs or supports. The LifeDesk® product provided the widest height range available exceeding ANSI BIFMA standards and correctly fitting (ergonomically) 99.8% of the working population – individuals 4’10” sitting and 6’7” standing.

2015 – The feedback was that the StableRise® unit would be even better if a surface could be provided that swiveled out when in use and could easily swivel back when not in use or in an emergency. This presented a very large challenge as there needed to be enough support to withstand the pressure of someone pressing down on the surface and the monitor arm attached to it as it swiveled. The pull and swivel mechanisms were finally introduced after multiple failed attempts in design.

2017 – Additional monitor arm and wire management was added to the unit to deliver a better look and feel. At no additional charge.

2018 – A square shroud is introduced for wire management also at no additional charge.

Better Wire Management

A request was made in 2018 to change the shape of the shroud to include wire management and hardware that would be enclosed at the top and conceal all attachments for an even better and cleaner IT solution with a much cleaner look that would still allow IT to easily service the hardware. And in 2019, StableRise introduced it’s new, cleaner shroud.

StableRise Models

StableRise Pull-and-Swivel

The pull-and-swivel maximizes surface space while providing easy maneuverability of our largest tabletop to safely tuck it away when not in use.

StableRise Shark Fin Top

The fixed shark fin is a true space saver with a low profile design to help out in tight spaces and provide greater accessibility.

StableRise Rectangle Top

The fixed rectangle top provides true sit-stand capabilities for tight spaces and areas with challenging mounting options.

StableRise Mobile Cart

The mobile cart maximizes mobility with its small footprint, easy maneuverability and ability to move between exam rooms.