What is a self-registration kiosk?

A self-registration kiosk is an excellent addition to any office that values patient satisfaction. Self-registration kiosks help streamline all of the paperwork, payment, and other administrative tasks into one simple device. The device allows patients to do everything in one place, without having to shuffle through multiple pages of fill-in-the-blanks, accidentally skipping questions or scribbling illegibly. Self-registration kiosks are specially designed for convenience, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Why should my office invest in a self-registration kiosk?

There are many reasons why your office should invest in self-registration kiosks. Patient satisfaction, efficiency, and cost reduction are three critical values for healthcare offices. Self-registration devices are proven to increase these things. Ensuring your patients the best healthcare experience requires considering every aspect of the appointment. Nurses and doctors are excellent at what they do. Still, administrative tasks are notoriously painful for the patient that has to wait for nurses or administrative workers to complete the necessary paperwork. Giving the patient control over at least part of the process helps them feel more satisfied with the entirety of their experience.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction plays a big part in keeping hospitals and doctor’s offices thriving. Patients have to bear more of the healthcare costs than they have in the past, so it is essential that they are satisfied with every aspect of their healthcare experience. Hospitals and doctors’ offices need to recognize this and ensure that every patient is content with the services provided to them. A study done in 2014 by McKinney and Co. shows that over 75% of patients increasingly expect to use digital services in healthcare offices. Another study done by R1 shows that 76% of patients want to use digital services to decrease wait times and simplify their healthcare experience. Offices should greet the patient with comfort, accessibility, and favorable treatment from when they walk in the door until they leave. Many patients feel anxious or frustrated with the amount of time they spend waiting on administrative staff to enter their information before their appointment can begin. The ability to self-register the minute they walk in the door leaves patients feeling content with the amount of time spent in the office.


Filling out paper forms is tedious and environmentally unfriendly. Patients and administrative workers alike have to spend much time just getting the paperwork together before the appointment even starts. Between filling out, filing, and entering paperwork into the system, the process can be time-consuming. The traditional process also lends its way to significant human error that takes up even more precious time to correct. With a self-registration kiosk, patients can quickly scan an identification card that fills out a large chunk of their paperwork for them. An automated process decreases the patient’s concern about missing any blanks, writing the information in the wrong place, or spending too much time writing out all of their data. Because it’s all digital, administrative workers save time on entering the information into the database. The kiosk will do that step automatically. The check-in process is also made more efficient, with significantly less time spent waiting in lines or waiting for the administrative worker to enter the patient’s information.

Cost Reduction

Saving time on administrative tasks saves money in the long run. With a paper-free, time-efficient process, healthcare offices will spend less money on paper and can afford to pay more for essential equipment. Nurses will also spend less time on tedious administrative tasks, allowing them to see more patients.

How Can StableRise Help?

StableRise height-adjustable self-registration kiosks are the perfect complement to the convenience created by a digitized registration process. Patient comfort is a high priority in healthcare offices. Patients can experience comfort the minute they walk through the door when they can adjust the height of their registration device. Although the equipment saves time on paperwork, it can still take a significant amount of time for patients to complete the registration or check-in process. If the patient is uncomfortable during that time, it can create more anxiety or frustration. Each patient is different and requires something different, even when completing a task as simple as digitally filling out their paperwork. With the ability to adjust the height of the kiosk, offices can ensure patient comfort and increase satisfaction. To find out more about how StableRise can increase quality of care for patients in your office, visit this link.


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