Amidst the chaos, fear, and panic of the coronavirus pandemic, companies are stepping up to provide needed supplies to hospitals and health care providers. With medical centers setting up makeshift hospitals and temporary testing and screening facilities, our healthcare providers are preparing to treat more and more patients. UMass Memorial Medical Center was one of those providers. In preparation for the inevitable spread,  UMASS set up tents at the University Campus to screen patients while limiting patient exposure to others.

Right Height Manufacturing, maker of the StableRise and the LifeDesk helped make the creation of this temporary testing site possible.

On Friday, March 20, at 12:30 Creative Office Pavillion, a Right Height dealer located in Massachusetts, contacted the company and asked if they could provide a workstation that could be used by screening staff at the UMASS outdoor drive-through COVID-19 screening stations while patients remained in their vehicles …and deliver the units by Monday morning, March 23.

The team developed a hybrid StableRise-LifeDesk unit to satisfy this need. These new units combine the height-adjustability and stability of the two-leg SmartLegs from Life Desk with the 16″x26″ antimicrobial worksurfaces from StableRise and Right Height casters, allowing screening staff to move from vehicle to vehicle and adjust the desk to each driver’s window regardless of vehicle height.

To meet the deadline, the Right Height team stopped all other production and business tasks and came together and created an assembly line to create the new product ourselves. Rather than ship the parts to our installation company to build. Thus, what would normally take weeks to deliver took company staffers just three days.

And to further help in this time of need, RightHeight rented a truck (at no cost to UMASS), loaded it and delivered the products by 10 am on the required date.

The UMass Space Planner said, “I can’t wait to repurpose these into sit-stand workstations and nursing stations for my ‘real’ job after all of this!”

No wasted parts will need to be locked away in a closet after all of this. These units will have a permanent home and UMAS will enjoy the benefits of sitting and standing for better productivity and health at their workstations for the long-term.

We are proud of our team. They were able to quickly identify a solution for a specific need, build the products within 6 business hours and drive them to the customer’s site to meet their deadline.