Antimicrobial Tops

lnstaPro® Antimicrobial Powder Coatings


lnstaPro® AM powder coatings can be used

  • In applications where inhibiting microbial growth is critical.
  • In public places such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc. r To prevent the growth of bacteria, virus and mold.
  • In Medical Industry for hospital bed frames, wheelchairs, hospital equipments, etc.
  • In Consumer Applications for furniture, door handles, cabinets, etc.
  • In Fitness Industry for exercise equipments, treadmills, etc.

How is it made and used

  • lnstaPro® AM powder coatings is made from nitrogen based Omnipro® Antimicrobial additive. This additive is polymeric in nature and hence no leeching .will be observed over time. It operates at a molecular level to continuously protect the surface of the product from the growth of microbes throughout the life of the powder coating.
  • This is incorporated into poyvder coating using conventional manufacturing processes. The powder coating manufactured is cured using conventional curing methods such as convection or IR.


lnstaPro® AM powder coatings

  • Can be made into all powder coating technologies, color and finishes both for MDF and metal.
  • Can inhibit microbial growth instanta­neously (within thirty minutes as seen in data on the bottom).
  • Can be effective even after exposure to different elements (such as abrasion and wash cycles).
  • Can provide continuous protection throughout the product.
  • Does not contain silver, zinc, triclosan and phenol.
  • Can be· used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Test procedure

  • Standard bacteria surface kill protocol was performed.
  • One million bacteria per ml.
  • One ml applied to surface of test sample.
  • Exposure time from 25 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Liquid dried on surface before designated times.
  • Laboratory temperature, 70 deg. F.
  • Bacteria accumulated from surface after designated time and transferred to blood agar plates.
  • Blood agar plates incubated at 37°C (98°F) for 72 hours.
  • Plates are observed and reported on colony growth.
  • Positive and negative controls are run .


Competitor products A, B and C are silver ion based products. InstaPro® products are effective immediately. MDF products are painted on steel for testing purposes.