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StableRise®  workstation was developed at the request of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, working with doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, IT departments, interior designers, project managers, and the entire medical staff to address all the complaints and deficiencies of traditional wall-track stations.


State that it makes their interaction with their EHR software more tolerable.


Believe it makes patient communication and listening easier due to the face-to-face interaction provided by the StableRise.


Would recommend the StableRise EHR workstation to their clinical colleagues.

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A Real Desk That Doesn’t Bounce

You get an actual work surface with the solid support of a desk – not just a keyboard suspended in midair. StableRise provides ample room for a mouse, keyboard, 8½- x 11-inch pad of paper, patient prescription bottles, and even a teaching model.

Our patented Pull-and-Swivel model also offers the ability to easily swivel out to face the patient for more interactive communication. With a simple swing, you get more room instantly. The stable workstation also supports a monitor arm to rotate the computer screen, so the patient can see it, too.

Spacious desk area
Robust work surface
Patient-facing pull-and-swivel option
Single or dual rotating monitor arms available, with capacities ranging from 6.5 to 28 pounds
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Push-Button Height-Adjustable Simplicity

StableRise workstations are ergonomically designed for your comfort and efficiency. With the simple touch of an up or down arrow, you can quietly zoom the work surface to your desired height in seconds. How easy is that? 

Our unprecedented single-push design is powered by electricity. No need to mess around with any time-consuming adjustments. With push-button ease, you can program the perfect setting, and then save it in memory for up to 4 users.

Simple push-button technology for easy height adjustability

User-friendly up and down arrows; sit or stand with the touch of a button

Four memory settings for multiple users

Near-silent motor won’t interfere with patient communication

StableRise control box
The unique height adjustability of StableRise is perfect for small exam rooms and can even fit under a window. The innovative design keeps the floor area open, making it a snap to clean underneath.

Small footprint

Can fit under window or chair rail

No legs to impede cleaning floor

Wire Management for a Clean Look

The StableRise wire management has a functional and tidy aesthetic. The shroud conceals a thin client mini CPU, multi-outlet strip, data ports, power outlets, and all associated wires.

Superior wire management
Shroud encases wires for a clean look
Provides easy access for service and cleaning

Protection from Infection

Along with a clean look, StableRise promotes a clean environment. The SilverSan™ antibacterial top stops the spread of germs. Furthermore, the wall-mounted installation allows for easy cleaning below the unit.

Silversan coatings are specially formulated to slowly release silver ions known to slow the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae
StableRise shroud rendering

Which StableRise Model Best Meets Your Needs?

StableRise pull and swivel
StableRise Pull and Swivel

Our largest work surface has a proprietary pull-and-swivel design. The patented arm swings out to allow patient-facing interaction. Then tucks away when not in use.

StableRise Mobile Cart
StableRise Mobile Cart

Ideal for larger exam rooms. Wheels out next to the procedure table for convenient access to instruments and supplies. Rolls out of your way when not in use.

StableRise Rectangle Top
StableRise Rectangle Top

(Fixed Surface)

True sit-stand capabilities for tight spaces and areas with challenging mounting options. Great for locations where the staff needs a charting desk but won’t have any patient interaction.

StableRise Shark Fin top
StableRise Shark Fin Top

(Fixed Surface)

Perfect for tight spaces and tight budgets. The Shark Fin was specifically designed to create more room for wheelchair access when space is at a premium.


Why should my facility switch to StableRise after using the various wall- track monitor and keyboard tray combos that have been around for decades?

Because patients and doctors have been complaining for years about how doctors are forced to turn their back to the patient in order to type into electronic medical records (EMRs). When this happens, patients feel ignored, which results in low scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Doctors are quick to reaffirm these frustrations. They prefer to face the patient while recording notes in EMRs, because face-to-face communication allows them to build rapport and trust and to notice the patient’s nonverbal social cues.

Will the StableRise desk bounce when I type on it?
No. It was designed explicitly to eliminate the bouncing that occurs in traditional wall-track systems. This important feature inspired the name StableRise.
I need StableRise now. How long do I have to wait after I order it?

We can ship up to 100 StableRise units in less than a week if you are upgrading your existing exam rooms or caregiver alcoves. If you are planning a new building and need several hundred StableRise systems, please give us the same notice you would give other suppliers for your project, i.e., two to three months.

How often does StableRise need to be serviced for routine maintenance?
Never. There is no need for an annual tune-up of any kind. If there is an error message on the LED keypad, we have a simple step-by-step process the user can follow to reset the unit. If trouble persists, we are just a phone call away and can lead you through the process over the phone. It takes less than one minute.
Is the height-adjustability easy to use?
Yes. It’s designed to be self-explanatory for anyone who walks right up to it. There are up and down arrows to raise and lower the desk, and there are four memory settings that can be saved if desired.
But I don’t stand when I talk to my patients. Does that mean I don’t need a height-adjustable workstation like StableRise?
Quite the contrary. One of the best benefits of StableRise is that it allows multiple clinicians of various statures to quickly and intuitively raise and lower the desk, so they can sit and type at the height that is most ergonomically comfortable for them. For example, if three doctors are sharing an exam room, and one is 5 foot, 2 inches, another is 5 foot, 8 inches, and the third is 6 foot, 2 inches, then each one of these doctors will need to set their seated desk height at different levels to avoid long-term chronic musculoskeletal injury. StableRise controls make it easy and quick for staff to protect themselves from long-term pain.
Will StableRise allow physicians to face their patient while simultaneously typing into the electronic health record?
Can we order StableRise in other colors besides the off-white/cream color shown on the website?
Yes. While the cream color was chosen due to its neutral tone and ability to complement any décor, we can accommodate custom colors for orders of more than 100 units.
I see StableRise is height-adjustable with an electric-powered switch. Does it need to be hard-wired into the building?
No. StableRise is “Plug N’ Play.” It comes with its own power cord and plug end.
Do the standard StableRise work surfaces have enough room for a keyboard, a mouse, an 8½- x 11-inch pad of paper, and some patient medication bottles or a teaching model?
Yes. Our aim was to make a true “consult desk experience” for the doctor. The rectangular desktop version, for example, is 16 inches deep x 26 inches wide. We went through the “Goldilocks Process” to develop just the right-sized desktop. Not too small, not too big; just right.
Why would someone use the memory settings?
The memory settings are typically used when an exam room is shared by several staff members. Each clinician is most likely to be a different height. StableRise allows up to four individuals to save their preferred ergonomic height to do their best work without shoulder, neck, or wrist pain. They simply press the number assigned to them, and the StableRise will zoom into the height position they have saved, with almost no noise.

Find Out Why StableRise is Chosen 9 out of 10 Times

In side-by-side on-site comparisons by our prospects, StableRise wins 95% of the time. That’s because no other product offers everything you get with StableRise. Discover all the ways your facility, staff, and patients can benefit from a StableRise system.

Let us save space and time at your hospital or clinic. Or better yet, request a 30-day trial. We can ship in one day. We offer a money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee. But we doubt you’ll need it, because our customers just love our products. And we plan to keep it that way…

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