A state-of-the-art adjustable height workstation built to enhance the patient caregiver relationship.

Always Patient-Facing

As emergency medical records (EMR) adoption grows, caregivers are forced to turn their attention away from the patient and toward their computer screen. The StableRise® empowers the healthcare provider to remain patient-facing for better eye contact, nonverbal communication, and interpersonal social cues.

The StableRise is present in leading healthcare institutions across the country. Doctors and nurses rely on the efficiency and superior ergonomics to improve the patient relationship and reduce work fatigue.

StableRise selection of products provides a true “consultative furniture feel” to the doctor patient engagement.

Improving the Spectrum of Care and Workplace Satisfaction

The healthcare environment—with its packed work days, demanding pace, time pressures, and emotional intensity—can put physicians and other clinicians at high risk for burnout. The StableRise changes that from day one.

Improving Quality of Care

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are here to stay, but do they result in better clinical outcomes and improved quality of care for patients?

Mitigating Physician Burnout

Mitigating Physician Burnout

The pressure on physicians to pack more patient appointments into a hectic day and then complete paperwork long into the night is resulting in high levels of burnout.

Promoting Nursing Wellness

Promoting Nursing Wellness

As nurses take on more of the responsibilities of physicians, they also become more susceptible to the same perils as doctors – in particular the dangers of burnout.

The StableRise Is Creating EMR Efficiency

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